Our Manifesto

Our marketing philsophy distills to knowing your customer, finding where they are online and getting in front of them with compelling, irresistible offers that will drive conversion and sales revenue.


Our Manifesto 

Market, Message, Media

The basis of our marketing philosophy is what we call the results triangulation: market, message, media. These three pillars form the framework of an effective marketing strategy and are interdependent.

Effective marketing always begins with first knowing your market or better stated, your customer. Being in the hearts and minds of your customer will advance your marketing and inform the next two pillars, message and media.

Cultivating customer empathy and defining your customer’s biggest pain points as well as desires informs your messaging and communication strategy. Without knowing your customer, your message may fail to resonate and drive the desired customer action. The message pillar underscores the importance of developing an effective USP as well as creating irresistible offers that will drive customer conversion. More on this below!

Business owners are often preoccupied with the media pillar. However, without first being grounded in the other two pillars, a focus on platforms is misguided. Knowing and defining your customers allows you to know where to find them. Developing effective messaging and compelling offers will drive your desired calls to action. With that in place, finding customers online is often requires a multichannel approach to optimize results. 


USP and Positioning

One of the most essential strategic determinations a landscape business must make is defining a market positioning strategy. This may vary depending on the size of the business and where it resides in the business life cycle. Do you focus on water features, hardscapes, commercial?

Consideration must also be given to defining a unique selling proposition (USP). A USP gives your customers a reason to choose your business over a competitor’s. This is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your marketing strategy. 


There Must Be ROI

There should be no waste in marketing, There is experimentation, there is testing, there is measurement and modification. Notwithstanding, marketing should not result in loss. While there are a number of metrics to track, campaign efficacy must ultimately be judged on the revenue return that is generated. We make ROI and ROAS a primary metric and back our work with our exclusive ROI guarantee. 


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