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Leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence to provide a one of a kind service in the green industry. Gain a major competitive advantage and use the power of AI and predictive analytics to get in front of consumers ready to purchase your service immediately.


Find Customers Ready to Buy Your Services Now

We build and customize a brand-unique audience that are most likely to buy your service; this audience is reached through programmatic advertising campaigns across all addressable channels and devices: display, mobile, social, video and email.

Determining which people will ultimately buy from you requires knowing how they spend their money because that is the single best predictor of their future purchase behavior.

Landscape Marketing Solutions has more of this kind of individual-level U.S. spending data than anyone else. In fact, we have individual-level transaction data for over 250 million U.S. consumers. Moreover, we have trillions of continually-refreshed, brand-specific transactions along with other powerful signals that reflect a consumer’s propensity to buy your service as well as detailed information about their spending and social behaviors—what they buy, the causes they support, and the brands they follow. We can provide fresh, relevant insights available nowhere else.

Our proprietary platform analyzes these signals to identify the specific audience of people who will buy from you, and we help you find them, wherever they are.

We can quickly produce and deliver your brand-unique audience, enabling you to avoid wasting marketing dollars on people who will never buy from you and focus instead on those who will become loyal, repeat customers. We make it easy to get started and see success quickly.


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