Whether completely outsourcing your marketing or developing and implementing an inhouse strategy, it is important that you adopt an “essentialist” approach. Before elaborating, allow me to contextualize with what I often see among landscape business owners.

They often:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the variety of marketing activities and have difficulty prioritizing
  • Feel compelled to “do it all”
  • Try to emulate big brand marketing strategy that mandates being top of mind to everyone at all times. Companies often do not have big brand marketing budgets making this approach inaccessible and not efficient to begin with.
  • Try many approaches that do not work
  • Have no idea how their marketing is performing, what is working and what is not

We recommend a different approach to your marketing that is grounded in the following practices:

Strategy & Planning

  • Goals: Define your growth goals. What do you want to achieve with your marketing? Quantify your revenue growth goals. Assessing historical data, looking at average transaction size, customer acquisition cost and other key metrics, a strategy can be formed around how many prospects you need to convert in order to achieve that goal. Also based on these metrics including target conversion rate, it can be determined how many prospects need to be reached. This will help inform a realistic budget and desired ROI. This visualization of the funnel can be helpful
  • Audience: Persona building is a powerful and necessary exercise to gaining critical insight about your customers. The more you can understand about your customers from their needs to their pain points, the better you can relate to them and create messaging that will resonate. What drives them? What keeps them up at night?
  • Communication: What is your unique selling proposition? What can you provide that your competitors cannot? Give your customers a reason to choose your business over a competitor’s business. What offers can you develop to give your customers a reason to take action?
  • Channels: Based on the customer personas you have created, where can you reach this ideal customer? Where are they online? Usually a mix of Google and Bing advertising as well as social media advertising can be an effective way to target not only on the basis of demographic and psychographic alignment but on the basis of exigent need and high propensity to purchase. Using AI and predictive modeling will also provide a major competitive advantage in getting in front of in-market buyers. This reduces customer acquisition cost while drive higher conversion and overall improved marketing efficiency and higher ROAS.


  • Execution is everything. Even with a solid plan in place, if execution is broken, the results will be too.
  • Effective execution includes everything from design to copywriting to campaign management as well as sales enablement and lead management. Having the right systems, tools and people in place is paramount.


  • Visibility of your marketing functions is a necessity. You must know how your marketing is performing.
  • Marketing should always be ROI focused. If you are not generating a measurable return on your marketing, why do it?
  • Some key analytics to consider may include: traffic volume, click-through-rate (CTR), bounce rate on your website or landing page, conversion rate, customer of acquiring a customer (CAC), return on ad spend (ROAS).

Overall, you want to reduce the clutter and spending waste in your marketing. Invest in an effective strategy to better understand your customers and develop a value proposition and compelling offers that speak directly to their needs and problems. Execute your plan with professionals who know how to leverage the correct tools, technologies and platforms to reach and convert your ideal customers. Always be measuring and modifying based on what is working and what is not. This ensures your marketing budget is optimized for highest possible ROI.

Remember, your marketing must provide a return otherwise it is not good marketing. This is part of the essentialist mindset.