Interruption marketing versus search marketing…

To grow your landscape business in a reliable and predictable way, you need more traffic to your website and sales funnels.

While there are many platforms and useful traffic sources, it is important to broadly understand the difference between search based traffic and interruption based traffic.

An example of search based traffic would be someone searching for landscape services on Google.

An example of interruption based traffic would be reaching a prospect through Facebook advertising. They are not necessarily searching for your service at the time but meet the demographic requirements you have designated in your advertising framework.

One is not necessarily better than the other. There are benefits and drawbacks to each.

In the case of search based traffic, the prospect has a need for your services and a propensity to pursue these services. Leads that are generated from search based campaigns may have a higher conversion rate as a result. That said, they are often looking at other competitors and various options. This is where it is paramount to have strong messaging including irresistable offers and a compelling unique value proposition.

The benefit of an interruption oriented approach, particularly through paid social channels, is that you can target based on interest. Messaging is also critical in this scenario because you have to grab their attention and give them a compelling offer/ pitch to motivate their action as they are not actively looking for your services.

Interruption versus search based marketing are different and thus require different approaches. It is important to understand this and modify your marketing efforts accordingly.